Here is some helpful info that can assist you to kick start your journey to wellness. If your focus is losing weight and maintaining a healthy weight the following factors all need to be considered. 

 Ideally these factors need to be optimal to allow your body to lose weight and maintain a healthy weight.

Quality nutrition

Practicing calorie deficit through exercise 

Increasing your NEAT


Emotional, Mental & Physical support

Healthy Gut

Quality Sleep



Managing or eliminating existing health conditions


Our sessions are hard work. Hard work makes you sweat. Sweating means you lose the water that powers you through your workout. You need to turn up really hydrated. 30 mins prior to a session have at least 500ml of water. Throughout  your workout and the rest of day have at the very least another 2 litres of water until your wee is clear.

''My pee looks like a cuppa Twinning's English Breakfast bag dipped 5 times with no milk...''


''My pee looks like a single malt whiskey no ice? ''



Great weight loss results are all about what happens in the kitchen.  As a general guideline start by fueling your body with quality carbs, protein and healthy fats. Buy the best and freshest food you can afford-The less messed with the better. If you are feeling fatigued, bloated, uncomfortable or unwell after eating you should try a more balanced meal next time until you find the right fuel for you. Listening to your body and how it reacts to the foods you put in and how it makes you feel will help you make some better choices. You should feel fresh and energized not lethargic and bloated needing two weeks sleep.

If you are after an app My Fitness Pal is a simple and allows you to track your nutrition, water intake and daily exercise. There is a free or premium version-You choose. We recommend this as a great way to raise awareness of what you are eating, drinking and what physical activity you do-Give it a whirl.

Aim for calorie deficit via healthy exercise. If you look at all diets not matter how they are dressed-at the end of the day they are calorie deficit based. 

Slow and steady wins the race -Educate yourself to create a balanced diet of Healthy carbs, quality protein and fats while practicing calorie deficit through sensible exercise - remember you don't have to be 100% perfect all the time just persistent with being consistent.


What does this mean? Non-Exercise Activity Thermogenesis


Move as much as you can all day everyday-Skip the $5 Uber ride and walk, get up and move around at least every hour from your desk, take your kids, dog, cat, goldfish, even your Nana to the park-Do what you can to move more. Society as a whole is now engineered to require as little movement or effort as possible. When we start to 'diet' we also move less-It's a natural behavioral response to 'dieting'. For positive progress and avoiding what call a 'plateau' work on getting your NEAT up every day!

Compare today's generation to our parents or grandparents. We spend more time in environments that require prolonged sitting. We spend our days shifting from one seat to another.

One screen to another.

Sitting is the new smoking.

Obesity was rare a century ago.Today nearly a third of the worlds population is obese or overweight. Only 51% of adults in NZ are active for 30 mins or more a day 5 days a week with these statistics declining further as we age.

Rounded shoulders, tight hips, sore knees and weak glute's are

all part of our new deal.

But we all know this right?​

Challenge yourself to move more.


We prefer to stay in our lane.

We love helping you perfect your jab, teaching you to activate & strengthen your core etc- getting you fit and happy is more our thing. When it comes to calculating specific ideal calories, calorie deficit amounts, micros and macros and looking in-depth into all the other important factors noted above we like to leave it to the professionals. We could sell you a challenge/diet plan promising amazing results but we prefer to point you in the right direction of a trained professional.


Engaging with a qualified Nutritionist or Dietitian is ideal to get a specific tailored plan to help you meet your goals and empower you to make educated choices with the guidance of a professional in the field of nutrition.

Knowledge is power.

You need to be accountable for your health and to be prepared to put in the effort to tidy up your nutrition whilst still enjoying life, so balance is the key. 

Alongside a healthy exercise routine that you love you will be onto a winning formula. 

We are very lucky to be able to refer our people to Kapiti's only registered Nutritionists - Megan O'Mara. 

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We like to look after our people.

 Please be aware of any health and fitness professional or persons offering quick weight loss plans, peddling secret 'can't talk about it but can talk about it if you come to my presentation' pyramid scheme potions, shakes, slim tea and pills.

Check the provider is qualified & seek out what authorising body they are registered with.

We recommend touching base with Balance Nutrition.


The Health and Weight loss industry is full of people who will promise the next miracle weight loss fix. Op shops are full of copies of the Hip and Thigh Diet, Taebo DVD's and useless equipment-Ab Circle? Anyone?

 Quick takers of your cash without your personal long term sustainable health and wellness in mind.

There are no quick fixes.

 Just hard work, determination and smart choices.