Who can take part in your Military Fit Bootcamps?

Anyone who loves to training outdoors and has some base fitness already.

Can't run far/fast/like Forrest?-I promise you Jenny, you will soon.

Can you bang out 10 Burpee backflips finishing with a 10m Bearcrawl?-Bro...


Do I need to get fit first before starting classes?

Not going to lie here-You do need a standard base fitness level. We have three levels-Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced.

Your Fitness Level will be determined at our initial introductory session.

No judgement, No egos, Just good people.

All we need is your commitment to keep turning up for yourself.


I’ve never done any this type of training before-Can I come along?

Of course you can! We've all started something new before -We can teach you everything you need to learn to participate in our classes. 

I have a Health Condition/Concern/Injury/etc...Can I still participate?

All attendees must be in good physical condition and have no injuries/medical reason that might prevent your intended participation in the classes. If an attendee has any health or medical concerns prior to or while attending our classes, it is recommended to discuss any concerns with a doctor before participating. We also require to be advised of any conditions that may affect you while in our classes. We want to keep you as safe as possible so please let us know  prior to commencing. 

Is there a minimun age?

Yes ideal for 16yrs and over

Can I bring my children?

Our classes are primarily moving outdoor sessions all over the park. It is important to us to keep everyone safe during our sessions so unfortunately it is not suitable for young children to be present during Military Fit Bootcamp. 

Do you offer casual sessions for your Bootcamps?

Due to the initial health and fitness assessment and careful programming allowing safe progressions we do not allow casual attendance unless by prior arranagement with us. 

We welcome registration for the full duration.

How do I pay for my Bootcamp?

Fill out the contact form via the link below and you will receive a registration form and payment information. Once we receive your registration form and payment we will email you confirmation securing your spot!

My friend and I love the Bring a friend deal-What do we do to register?

Awesome! Fill out a registration form each so we have information for each of you and you will both receive payment information. You can pay 1/2 each or one payment.

Do I get any more information prior to the start date?

 Yes you sure do! Further information will be sent via email during the week prior to the start date.

What to wear?

Active wear, running shoes that you can get muddy and wet-trail shoes are ideal. Bring a warm jacket or top and a positive mindset...

Are the Military Fit trainers drill sergents? 

No...But they will give 'motivational character building' encouragement hahaha...

Are the people that attend as crazy as I am?


Will I get wet/muddy/sweaty/fit?

Now about that.....mayyyyybe....Fit yes...the rest there is a high possibility...

Its raining we training...