Who can come to these classes?


Can’t do a Sit Up?-Sweet.

100 yrs old?- No worries mate.

Do I need to get fit first before starting classes?

No you just need to start...We are all about getting you feeling fit and happy in your own skin. All we need from you is your commitment to attend regular classes and form habits to support a healthy lifestyle.

I have never done any Boxing,Kickboxing or much Fitness before-Can I still come along?

Of course you can! We all started at the beginning-We teach you all the basics to participate in our classes.

Do I need my own Boxing Gloves?

For hygiene and personal preference, it is preferred you bring your own boxing gloves along. Boxing wraps are also recommended for support and hygiene.

I have a Health Condition/Concern/Injury/etc...Can I still participate?

All attendees must be in good physical condition and have no injuries/medical reason that might prevent your intended participation in the classes. If an attendee has any health or medical concerns prior to or while attending our classes, it is recommended to discuss any concerns with a doctor before participating. We also require to be advised of any conditions that may affect you while in our classes. We want to keep you as safe as possible so please let us know  prior to commencing. 

How do I pay for classes?

You can pay cash on the day - Please see cost information here.

What to wear/bring?

Activewear, running shoes, a warm jacket or top and bring some water and any medication if you need it.

Are the trainer’s cool people?


Are the people that attend awesome?


Will I become more awesome than I already am?

Hell yeah!