Angela Clark

Registered Certified Personal Trainer

Began training Muay Thai in 2007 with the goal of losing some baby weight and getting fit. This style of training brought great results felt in both mind and body-So good I decided to keep at it!

Many years later and the addition of another baby the journey to a healthier self continues. As an adult I have weighed 60+kgs to over 100+kgs-And everything in between at various times in my life. 

I know the struggle of trying to juggle family, work, life and health.

No filters here-just real life and real people.

I love the energy of tough group training sessions, seeing people push themselves, encouraging each other and enjoying a positive team vibe!

There is nothing in this world more rewarding as a trainer than seeing others breaking through their own perceived barriers, increasing their confidence and happiness. I believe everyone has their own story, I promise you once you start you will reap the many non-physical benefits my method of training can bring to help overcome and manage some of life's challenges. 

The physical rewards will just be a bonus.

Exercise and Health Qualifications

REPs-NZ Registered Exercise Professional

NZ Certificate in Exercise Level 4 & 5

Continence NZ-Reg Pelvic Floor Safe Instructor

Essential First Aid Certificate 6401 & 6402

Continued Professional Development Courses

Ken 'The Warlord' Ford 

Qualified by experience. Ken has participated in contact sport all his life from Rugby to Muay Thai. He enjoys pushing people to their limits, helping others smash their goals and getting results. An all round funny guy who likes to eat bikkies for breakfast, cries watching Glee-All whilst likening himself to being a hybrid of the'The Rock/George Clooney'.....

We have many years of experience in Muay Thai Kickboxing both training in NZ and Thailand, competing and coaching Beginner Muay Thai, Boxfit and Fitness classes.

 We challenge you to take your fitness to the next level!

The classes are suitable for all fitness levels and experience.

We look forward to meeting you!